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Our award-winning management team has many years’ experience. We have carved a reputation for extraordinary creativity. We are at the top of our game and take pride in working with the finest talent within the industry.


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Daniella Gonella


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Jay Michaelson


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Tony Malcolm


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Zak Malcolm


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Claudia Bento

  • Zakia Malcolm

    "Creativity is my life. Helping teams deliver outstanding work is my reward"

    Zak's diverse creative career began as Art Director working at Saatchi and Saatchi and advancing to become Producer to the head of TV John Staton. Zak worked freelance and on a permanent basis as an Art Director in many of the top central London advertising agencies as well as playing a key role at Global where she became Head of Design and Production for their online catalogue.

    Zak's experience includes major stage productions, working both live and in the studio with artists such as Sting, Lisa Minnelli, Rufus Wainwright, One Direction and many other celebrities.

    Zak has produced music videos, commercials and short films for both corporate and private clients here at DG Productions. But her new role is Creative Development Director where Zak is involved in every aspect of developing TV and film. Sourcing original material, optioning properties to packaging scripts for both television and film.

  • Gonella & Michaelson

    Throughout their enduring business partnership, Daniella Gonella and Jay Michaelson have re- shaped the production landscape since founding DG Productions.

    Jay commented: "Our main passion and focus for the industry is creating fresh new concepts resulting in exceptional independent films". Daniella added; "We make Studio quality projects with the integrity and passion of an independent production company". DG's Mission: "to make movies which touch, move and inspire" says Jay.

    Based at Pinewood Studios in the UK, and with international offices in Europe and the USA, DG works all over the World using their global network of experienced, multi-lingual crews encompassing the creation and production of commercials, music videos, corporate and branded content.

    Daniella has strong views on DG's work ethic; "Working with award-winning industry talent and the most effective set up, we dedicate ourselves to delivering hard-hitting, brand-promoting content across the board, whilst keeping our client's objectives our highest priority".

    DG Productions knows that experience matters and is proud to have a portfolio of diverse film projects in different stages of development and completion.

    DG is currently producing 'One In A Million'. "It's a strong character driven action drama set to the backdrop of NASCAR. This movie is standing out as it's not a typical auto racing film and introduces a legend NASCAR fans never got to meet" says Jay.

    DG has optioned a multi-million dollar music-driven CG animation movie 'Superhumans' written by Greg Johnson and to be directed by David Weinstein and is currently in pre-production with the movie “The Iron Ribbon”, based on the true story of the Polish actress Stanistawa Uminnska’s. Stanistawa is on trial in Paris for the murder of her husband who she helped to commit euthanasia. A captivating story that gripped the entire nation. Written and to be directed by the multi award winning Jarek Marszewski.

    Jay insists: "We love each and every one of our projects and each movie benefits from our business-minded approach. It's important to respect the work and look after the interests of investors in equal measure. We can deliver a great end product on schedule and on budget".

    Previous movie credits include: "Ex-Terminators", a dark comedy that stars Heather Graham, Jennifer Coolidge, Amber Heard, Joey Lauren Adams and more. Directed by Emmy-nominated DP/Director John Inwood from "Scrubs" and written by Suzanne Weinert who was VP of Julia Roberts' Shoelace Productions.

    The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy" a western that stars Eric Balfour, Lou Taylor Pucci, Henry Thomas, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Summer Glau and more.

    Our multi-award winning documentary, "In A Whisper", continues to sell world-wide and shows no signs of slowing down. "In A Whisper" is a first ever competition between three of the top horse whisperers in the world, shot entirely in the middle of Sundance Square, downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

    "Grand Champion", written and directed by Barry Tubb. The film boasts an all-star cast that includes Joey Lauren Adams, Emma Roberts, Bruce Willis, Jacob Fisher, Buck Taylor as well as appearances by Julia Roberts, George Strait, Natalie Maines, Charlie Robison, Robert Earl Keen, Joe Ely and many more.

    The multi-award winning movie “The Prowler”, starring Linette Beaumont and Dominic Rowan, contains extraordinary lead performances. They deliver a palpable sense of fear and dramatic engagement. Written by the legendary Matthew Arlidge and directed by multi award-winning Tim Kent, Jay said: "America loves The Prowler and the entire cast and crew have delivered an epic short film to rival the very best.

    We have worked along-side the likes of Disney, Warner Bros., BBC, SKY, UTV, Turner Networks Television, Hallmark Entertainment, DePasse Entertainment, Larry Levinson Productions and Von Zerneck Sertner films.

    Other credits include "Dead Man's Walk," "Rough Riders," "U.S. Marshalls," "Camp Charlie," "Finding North," "Party Girls," "75 Degrees In July," " Holiday In Your Heart," and "Still Holding On." Commercial credits range from Dr. Pepper, American Airlines, Chevy, Direct TV, and Doritos to name but a few. Along with over 20 years-experience in Broadcast Television delivering diverse programming formats for commercial output on all channels. This includes everything from prime-time entertainment and commercials to news and current affairs.

    Jay and Daniella welcome joint venture partnerships and often co-fund development and production.

    DG Productions - Bringing Creativity to Life.

  • Tony Malcolm

    Tony started his career at Saatchi and Saatchi. He has served as creative director at six of the UK’s top agencies, including Simons Palmer Denton Clemmow and Johnson, CDP, TBWA, Faulds of Edinburgh and partnered in his own agency with Malcolm Moore, and more recently at Leo Burnett.

    Amongst his many achievements Tony wrote Nike's commercial ‘Parklife’, which was placed 15th in Channel 4’s Top 100 Ads and featured in the TV programme ‘Ads that changed the World’.

    His awards include: five D&AD Yellow Pencils, four Cannes Gold Awards, and numerous Silver and Bronze. Whilst at Leo Burnett, Tony led the DfT Drink Drive and Teen & Child Road Safety campaigns to win seventy seven awards, twenty two of which he won personally.

    Most recently, he won the Campaign Big” and RAB Gold Award for his Drink Drive 'Search' Radio ad. He also won for his critically acclaimed ‘Just Passing By' TV commercials for McDonald’s, which took awards at Creative Circle, British Television Awards, and The New York Festival.

    Tony is proud to be found amongst the pages of the 2013 Campaign A-list and has served on juries at Cannes, Dubai Lynx Awards, New York Festival, Clio, Creative Circle, The Roses, AME and D&AD.

    Other global clients include: MTV, VH1, British Bakeries, Accurist Watches, upmystreet.com to name but a few and has recently been working in Chicago at DDB as Creative Chief on the McDonalds business.

  • Claudia Bento

    Claudia Bento is a Portuguese filmmaker based in London.

    Claudia has been working in the industry since 2015 when she graduated with a master in film at the University of Beira in Portugal. Claudia travelled to the UK to further peruse her career taking on a six month internship at the Webra Group, based at Pinewood studios; during her time there she utilized her skills covering many roles including production assistant, director, producer and general running of the office.

    Claudia’s passion for film is second to none. She has produced, directed and edited several low budget award winning short films and documentaries before joining forces with DG Productions, based at Pinewood Studios. Together they are working on many diverse projects which are in different stages of production including a film she has written and will direct THE WALL BETWEEN.

    Claudia is looking forward to her continued journey with DG Productions.



We can facilitate your shoot anywhere in the world using our global network of experienced, multi-lingual crews. We are as flexible as you need us to be. Your short deadline is our forte. We can script, budget, storyboard, shoot, edit and deliver a finished product on schedule, within budget, without compromise.

  • Commercials

    Together, we help create compelling and effective commercials.

    Working directly with the client enables us to truly understand your objectives and provide a turnkey solution from initial concept, to script, to screen.

    Our experience is eclectic and diverse.

    Multi award-winning creative director Tony Malcolm, (Nike ‘Parklife’, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Think) heads our seasoned team. They have years of experience working with an incredible variety of clients.

    We have extensive knowledge and resources in creative and strategic development. Our production expertise and compliance with ASA guidelines, enables us to deliver hard-hitting and brand-promoting commercials.

    We fulfil your business and marketing objectives without compromising your budget.

  • Music Videos

    We create dynamic and visually stunning music videos for all artists: from new talent to established performers. We work alongside some of the top industry music professionals collaborating with the common belief that the artist and their target audience should be at the heart of everything.

    We produce broadcast quality music videos for bands, singers and labels, whether it would be a performance video or special effects extravaganza.

    We facilitate your shoot anywhere in the world, offering the best studios and locations. We provide a diverse selection of shooting platforms: from fully equipped helicopters with aerial filming crew, to a fleet of Rib camera boats, and access to underwater stages.

    We offer access to the entire range of production tools and techniques, with panache and style, from the finest choreographers, dancers, models, entertainers and specialist dance acts, through to stylists, makeup and hair artists and close protection security.


    EPK tells your story. It’s a must for anyone seeking exposure and publicity as an artist. EPK is your professional resume to the world. We can help you to create the most effective EPK that will get you noticed!


    We have accrued a wealth of corporate knowledge and experience. We endeavour to fully understand your business, your mission and your needs in order to achieve the best possible results.

    The emerging market of corporate shoots can present challenges which we effectively resolve with visual solutions, provided by the most experienced directors, editors and crew.

    The renowned and award-winning Ged Parsons (Have I Got News for You, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Room 101) heads our team of top industry writers, offering clients the most compelling copy.

    With an individual approach to every project, our seasoned team brings expertise to all aspects of video and media production.

  • Television

    We work across all television genres producing high quality and diverse programmes in the UK, Europe and the USA.

    We are currently delivering ART JUNKIES, a lifestyle television series which follows two dynamic presenters as they journey around America in search for unusual and stunning art made entirely from recycled materials.

    Art Junkies is presented by film and television actor Drew Waters, (Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Mad Money) and internationally renowned Cuban-American artist Rolando Diaz (PBS television special… ‘Recapturing Cuba’). Art Junkies is edited by Oscar nominated Kant Pan (The Crying Game, The Discovery of Heaven, Solomon and Gaenor) and music by the Emmy award-winning composer John Altman (Titanic, Golden Eye, Shall We Dance).

    We have in development ‘Disco – the Beat Goes On!’ which tells the real story of Disco. This is an exciting new reality TV series which explores how Disco changed the lives of a generation and how its legacy continues to influence popular culture and music today. The series follows the exploits of Grant Santino, the UK’s first World Disco Dancing Champion, and a galaxy of stars on a mission to entertain and educate a whole new generation about the phenomenon of “Disco”.

  • Film

    DG Productions are the forerunners in a new generation of filmmakers.

    Our movie division is headed by top independent US producer Jay Michaelson. Jay has built a portfolio of diverse film projects in various stages of development, ranging from the multi-million dollar music driven CG animation movie ‘Superhumans’, written by Greg Johnson (X Men Evolution, Ultimate Avengers, Invincible Iron Man) and directed by David Weinstein (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, The Matrix Revolutions, The Mummy Returns); crime-thriller ‘Babylon Sisters’, written by Scott Rosenberg (Con Air, Gone in Sixty Seconds, High Fidelity) and directed by Gary Fleder (Runaway Jury, Don’t Say a Word, Kiss the Girls) to the romantic action drama ‘One’ written and directed by Jay Michaelson (In a Whisper, ExTerminators, The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy).

    Our vision is to create independent movies to major studio-standards.

    With a fresh, dynamic approach to filmmaking, and dedication for seeing projects through each and every stage of their development, DG Productions is fast gaining a reputation as one of the hottest independent film companies.



Creating branded content is more crucial today than it has ever been. We take an individual approach to every project offering creativity and flexibility. Brands look to engage audiences outside traditional broadcast media.

Our seasoned team are experts in all aspects of movies, commercials, music videos and media production. We know and understand branded content.

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